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Left: very large elephant ivory dice.
Right: 16mm mammoth ivory dice

more informations in Wikipedia article: Ivory

table of contents

  1. General
  2. Ivory dice
  3. Credits


Ivory refers to the substance of the tusks of elephant, mammoth and other animals such as. Walrus, sperm whale etc.
Since 1973, no trade in ivory has been allowed thanks to the conservation agreement.
Only a few have the permission to work with ivory.

Comparison between mammoth and elephant

Ivory dice

It used to be reserved for the rich to own cubes of ivory. The material was scarce and expensive.
In the meantime, cubes are only available at high prices on antique markets.
The typical reticular grain has only the ivory of the trunks. This differs by arrangement of the intersecting lines. This structure, also called Retzius' or Schreger's lines, shows different angles of intersection, which the connoisseur can recognize with the naked eye.
The following data are indicative:

2 antique ivory cubes with Tax Stamp
Further differences exist in the specific weight, and occasionally in the color of the material.
In detail carved pieces, the structure is often not perfectly recognizable.





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