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Crowdfunding projects 2016

table of contents

  1. List of projects with dice
  2. List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

List of projects with dice

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Exclusive Dice Monthly - Monthly Dice Service 27.12.2016 monthly dice
Coulin - the dice game 25.12.2016 dice game
INQVISITOR 21.12.2016 inquisitor dice
Constellation Dice - Voyager Anniversary Edition 20.12.2016 custom dice with star constellations
Tales from the Loop - Roleplaying in the '80s That Never Was 15.12.2016 custom dice addon
OMINOES - The Dice Game for Everyone 13.12.2016 dice game
electron dice 11.12.2016 dice with glowing symbols inside
Thomass Wooden Games 10.12.2016 wooden puzzle dice
The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition 05.12.2016 custom dice addons
XLP Dice v2.0 30.11.2016 metal dice
Ortery Aluminum dice: Collective sci-fi metallic dice cube 29.11.2016 metal dice in alternative design
Zucati Dice: Retro Classic Pure Aluminum Dice 25.11.2016 aluminium dice set
Gemstone Dice: Labradorite, Tiger's Eye, Fossil, and More! 18.11.2016 gemstone dice
Artisan Copper Metal Game Dice with Diamond CZ Stones 17.11.2016 copper dice with diamond pips
Ninja dice : throwing the dice like Shuriken(throwing stars) 12.11.2016 metal dice in alternative design
Deep Madness 11.11.2016 custom dice addon
Candylize Your Game! 10.11.2016 chocolate dice
Pumpkin Dice! Plus Pumkins Vs Ghosts the Game 05.11.2016 pumpkin dice
Giant Squishable Foam Dice - Second Wave 04.11.2016 foam dice
Roller Derby board game & minis shipped for Christmas 2016 04.11.2016 dice games
AKO POLY DICE 01.11.2016 aluminium dice set
EL DORADO Playing cards - MAYA 26.10.2016 custom dice
PHOENIX DICE: A New Approach to an Outdated Gaming Tool 25.10.2016 metal dice in alternative design
D20 Soaps with a Surprise Inside! Novelty or subtle hint? 24.10.2016 soap dice
EL DORADO - MAYA Playing cards, relaunch 23.10.2016 custom dice
Free2Dice – Aluminium Dice; Free to write anything! 14.10.2016 blank dice
Cotocube Dice - Carbon Fiber Artpeace (RENEWED) 12.10.2016 carbon dice new design
Super Drinking Dice 01.10.2016 drinking dice game
GameMate: The universal electronic dice and game clock 01.10.2016 electronic dice
Shake me like a Polaroid dice kit 28.09.2016 electronic dice
Foam Brain Metals 3: A Fistful of (metal) Cubes 24.09.2016 metal dice different alternative designs
Global super dice set #1 24.09.2016 anodized aluminium dice in different designs
Dice Coins 17.09.2016 dice coins
U-DICE 2: The universal electronic dice for most dice games 17.09.2016 electronic dice
13 & 15 sided dice ( D13 & D15 ) w/ DCC & other sets 16.09.2016 13 and 15 sided dice + sets
The .357 Bullet Case by GRAVITY DICE 16.09.2016 dice case with aluminium dice
D20 Count Down Dice 20 faced Super Heavy Solid Zinc Metal 14.09.2016 huge d20
Royal Game of Ur 14.09.2016 d4 game accessoire
Pewter Polyhedral Dice from the Tintagel Dice Company 10.09.2016 metal dice
Wondrous Dice - Precision 6061 Aluminum Multi-Colored Dice 10.09.2016 twocolored anodized metal dice
Copper Metal Gaming Dice - 21 Emerald CZ Stones - AMAZING 08.09.2016 copper dice with emerald pips
Polyhedral Dice Set: 7 Viking Dice 05.09.2016 viking themed dice set
PolyHero Dice - Wizard Set 01.09.2016 dice set in shape of mage accesoirs
Cthulhu Insanity Dice 31.08.2016 custom d10
A Call To Arms! Stylized Damage Dice for Martial Weapons 29.08.2016 dice game
Celtic Knot Dice Set - 9 total 16mm dice!!! 21.08.2016 custom dice set
Roots of Mali – Competitive, abstract strategy for 2 players 14.08.2016 game with custom dice
Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice 12.08.2016 metal dice
Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game 10.08.2016 game with dice addon
DICE IN SPACE 01.08.2016 custom dice in space
Greek Pottery Playing Cards 02.07.2016 custom dice
Solid Metal Dice 29.06.2016 metal dice
Spellbook: Beautifully-Crafted RPG Metal Dice Set 25.06.2016 metal dice + box
Copper Dice 24.06.2016 copper dice
Knuckle Sammich - Kobolds Ate My Card Game!!! 22.06.2016 custom dice addon
Daring Escape 22.06.2016 game with custom dice
The d12s you've always wanted: Mood and Weather dice! 17.06.2016 custom d12
PARTY POOPER 17.06.2016 game with custom dice
Metal Dice Polyhedral Dragon Scales II RESIZED & RESTOCKE 17.06.2016 metal dice
Solid Copper RPG Gaming Dice - Hand Stamped, Old World Style 16.06.2016 handmade copper dice
GooaAAAal! Collectable Dice Game - Football (Soccer) Series 10.06.2016 dice game with custom dice
BLEND OFF! (Relaunch) - A Speed Dice Game! 09.06.2016 dice game with custom dice
NiceDice - The best custom made dice out there! 05.06.2016 custom metal dice
Devil Tree Station 04.06.2016 custom dice
Devil Tree Station 04.06.2016 custom dice
Blend Off! - The Speed Dice Game of Smoothie Creation 19.05.2016 custom dice
Legends of the Mist 18.05.2016 custom dice
Blood and Plunder 18.05.2016 custom dice
Bone Origins - Polyhedral Dice 12.05.2016 custom dice set
Design Wood Dice - Handmade! 07.05.2016 handmade wooden dice
Wyrmwood Sentinel Deck Box with optional Bluetooth Tracker 06.05.2016 custom dice addon
DICETIO a dice with fractions for learning and fun 01.05.2016 mathematic dice
Zucati Dice: Metal Micro Dice - Pure. Elemental. Miniature. 01.05.2016 mini metal dice
Gloaming Forge Metal Gaming Dice 25.04.2016 metal dice
SP DICE: Stardust and Crystalloid Edition 25.04.2016 translucent and glitter dice sets
Zombie Farkle: A Dice Game to Die For... 23.04.2016 dice game
The Goliath Wooden Cube and Dice Collection (Relaunch) 21.04.2016 big wooden dice
Modi Dice - The quick modifier Reference die 18.04.2016 custom dice
Relaunch: Cat's Eye Gemstone Dice Sets, d6's, and d20's 16.04.2016 cats eyes dice (glass)
WHAT!? Pencil Dice 15.04.2016 custom dice
Prism Dice : Handmade from Bulletproof Glass 15.04.2016 glass dice
Six Sided Summoner: A ClockWise Dice Project 14.04.2016 custom dice
Dice - Rendezvous with Randomness 11.04.2016 artbook with dice pictures
Littlest Lovecraft: The Horror Collection 11.04.2016 custom dice
Booty Roll - Evolved Party Game 10.04.2016 game with custom dice
Japanese Scrolls Playing Cards 08.04.2016 custom dice
TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis 07.04.2016 dice addon
Müll - Rings, Dice, and More 06.04.2016 dice made of trash
Drinking Dice: D20 04.04.2016 drinking dice d20
Bullseye d8/d4 Damage Dice! 03.04.2016 custom dice d4, d8
Death by Die™ 30.03.2016 decision dice
Cat's Eye Gemstone Dice Polyhedral Sets, d6's, & d20's 30.03.2016 cats eye dice (glass)
Sacred Dracometry Playing Cards 29.03.2016 custom dice
Engineer's "Excuse" Dice 24.03.2016 decision dice
CUBi DICE : The Smallest Titanium Dice In The World 16.03.2016 mini titan dice
THOR - GLOWING CUP FOR DICE 12.03.2016 glow in the dark dice
Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG 08.03.2016 custom dice addon
Ninja Roll 04.03.2016 game with custom dice
Back 2 games, get 4! Be a Norse God, Survivor, Cowboy, & Spy 02.03.2016 4 games with custom dice
Tesseract Dice (D6 and polyhedral Science Dice) 01.03.2016 different special dice
Ti Dice - Precision Machined & Perfectly Balanced 29.02.2016 titan dice with lines
DD6 Astromech Droid Dice 25.02.2016 StarWars dice
Have a Nice Dice 21.02.2016 dice with smilie faces
ADAPT - The Card & Dice Game 20.02.2016 dice sets addon
Ti-Die, the Titanium Game Dice 20.02.2016 titan dice with pips
Space Battle Dice 16.02.2016 custom dice
KODDOK EDC Titanium Opener x Dice 15.02.2016 titan bottleopener + dice
Vasty Wilds 14.02.2016 metal dice
Thief's Market 13.02.2016 custom dice game
Anubis & Osiris Luxury Playing Cards by Steve Minty 12.02.2016 custom dice addon
Cast Metal Gaming Dice 11.02.2016 metal dice
Date Dice 11.02.2016 wooden dice with text
Date Dice 11.02.2016 wooden dice with text
Tiny Epic Western 06.02.2016 game with custom dice
Swirled Chocolate and Gummy Dice 02.02.2016 candy dice
SuperPower SmackDown! Dice Game 01.02.2016 dice game
BLACK DICE 27.01.2016 wooden dice with metal inlays
Machined Titanium Dice, Aerospace Grade - Titanium Alloy 22.01.2016 titan dice
LUMA DICE 13.01.2016 led dice
NatEmo Dice 12.01.2016 dice sets
Space Battle Dice - Star Wars - Armada Compatible 11.01.2016 custom dice for Star Wars game
Custom RPG Dice 08.01.2016 custom dice set
Müll - Dice and More from Recycled Plastic Trash 06.01.2016 dice of trash
The Drinking Dices! 02.01.2016 decision dice drinking game

List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Dice Tower And Tray II 22.12.2016 dice tower
The FLUME - Dice Tower - Dice Case - Hardwood RNG Solution 08.12.2016 dice tower
Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray 21.10.2016 dice tower and tray
Dice Set Felt Coasters 05.10.2016 dice coasters
Bag of Superior Sorting (BoSS) 01.10.2016 dice bag with sorting
Mini d20 Dice Earrings Available in Glow in the Dark 15.09.2016 dice jewellery
Elvenroot Collapsible Dice Tower & Dice Case 09.06.2016 dice storage
Dice Base 2: Vault - Case - Rolling Surface 22.04.2016 dice storage
The Dungeons Keep, Wood Dice Cases for RPG tabletop gaming! 11.04.2016 dice storage
Eternity Dice - Charms Edition 03.01.2016 gemstone dice necklace

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