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Crowdfunding projects 2017

table of contents

  1. List of projects with dice
  2. List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

List of projects with dice

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Critical Hit & Fumble Dice 29.12.2017 special rpg dice
The ROVO Dice Machine 24.12.2017 dice machine
Success Dice 21.12.2017 decision dice
Chain Breaker – RPG Dice 15.12.2017 dice with chains
Arxpell - Hit location dice 12.12.2017 hit location d12
The 'Spirit Of' Extinction Dice by Critit (relaunch) 07.12.2017 poly sets with dinosaur symbols
The 'Spirit Of' Extinction Dice by Critit 03.12.2017 sets with dinosaur symbols
KAPOW! - A fast and furious Superhero dice building game 01.12.2017 dice game
Zucati Dice: Perfect Plastic™ Dice 17.11.2017 poly sets
Hand Crafted Ceramic Pipped Dice 15.11.2017 ceramic dice
Double Dragon RPG Set - Roll with the DRAGONS! 12.11.2017 custom dice set
Engraved Gemstone Dice: Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, and more! 06.11.2017 gemstone dice
Gaming Excuse Dice 03.11.2017 decision dice
D20 / D30 RPG & DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 & D28 27.10.2017 new d17, d19, d26 and d28
Painted Monster Dice in limited Edition 26.10.2017 painted dice
Monster Dice: The Exquisite Collection Metal Crafts 25.10.2017 metal dice in alternative design
NERO Dice : The Ultimate Minimalist Aluminum Dice 22.10.2017 special shaped metal dice
55mm D20 Monster Mega Countdown Dice 21.10.2017 big d20
TRENCH - Play With Art! 20.10.2017 art dice
Littlest Lovecraft: The Dreamlands Collection 19.10.2017 custom dice
Deluxe Constellation Dice - Voyager Anniversary Celebrations 26.09.2017 custom dice
The Heck does THAT say?! 20.09.2017 dice game
Vasty Wilds: The Card-Based Board Game 18.09.2017 game with dice
Epic Fail: Also Known As You Suck Dice 07.09.2017 dice with only 1s
Raids: The storytelling RPG 07.09.2017 custom dice
HEX: Magically Minimal Dice 06.09.2017 led dice
Riot Dice - a website for dice lovers and dice designers 04.09.2017 custom dice
Swords in the Stone - Arthurian themed d6 Dice! 03.09.2017 custom dice with swords
Sheep Counting Dice - Sleep tight! 02.09.2017 custom dice with sheep
Tarmogoyf 32 MM Counter DIce 01.09.2017 big dice (spindown)
Coin Toss Dice in Wood and Brass 31.08.2017 wooden dice with coin inlays
Ancient Dice: 50,000 Year Old Dice 22.08.2017 wooden kauri dice
Hex Chests Remastered: Artisan Dice Boxes 22.08.2017 dice storage + custom sets
Skullice - Does it scare you? 20.08.2017 custom dice
Ortery dice: Aluminum collectable scifi gaming dice 16.08.2017 aluminium dice
Game of Thrones House Dice 13.08.2017 custom dice
ICE AND FIRE Playing cards 13.08.2017 custom dice
THE ENDLESS METAL DICE (RELAUNCH) 08.08.2017 metal dice
The Pirate Dice 08.08.2017 custom dice with pirate symbols
Zucati Spectrum™ Board Game and RPG Dice 02.08.2017 metal dice
Raids: A tabletop role playing game for everyone 30.07.2017 custom dice
The Stonebound Saga 28.07.2017 custom dice addon
Dice of Rolling 27.07.2017 dice sets
The "Crit" d20 Dice in new Colors 22.07.2017 custom d20
Graffiti Gaming Dice by DougOutCrafts 15.07.2017 custom dice set
The 'Spirit Of' Dice Range By Critit. 12.07.2017 custom dice sets
The Tablebreaker: The Ultimate d20 12.07.2017 giant d20
ElemenZ - the duelling dice game of alien shamans 09.07.2017 game with custom dice
EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness 19.06.2017 custom dice addon
Zucati EleMetal™ dice for tabletop and roleplaying games 15.06.2017 metal dice
Machu Picchu Dice Vol.2 - World's First 4 Elements Dice 01.06.2017 wooden dice with noble materials
Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra Edition 31.05.2017 custom dice addon
Hero dice Comeback campaign: Aluminum collectable dice 30.05.2017 metal dice in alternative design
Rude Rats - Tabletop Miniature Modular Multi-part kits 27.05.2017 custom dice addon
Personalised Casino Dice 23.05.2017 custom casino dice
G10 : 0-99 Spin-Down Life-Counter 19.05.2017 d10 spindown
TTi-150 Titanium Dice 15.05.2017 titan dice
Six Shooters - Western Themed Dice! 08.05.2017 western custom dice
Pizza Dice, Adventure Dice, and More? 20.04.2017 decision dice
Classic Dice Set 20.04.2017 metal dice in alternative design
Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Set by Q-workshop & Chaosium 15.04.2017 cthulhi metal dice set
Software Excuse Dice 12.04.2017 decision dice
Zucati Dice: EleMetal B.F.D20 - Giant Polyhedral Dice 03.04.2017 big aluminuim d20
Dice Kub - toothbrush and pen organizer made from marble 02.04.2017 stone dice teethbrush holders
Solid Silver & Copper Dice -The Ultimate RPG Metal Game Dice 30.03.2017 metal dice
Glyph 29.03.2017 game with custom dice
Elder Dice - Lovecraftian themed dice for all tabletop games 29.03.2017 cthulhi dice sets
Ortery Lumi: Scifi Aluminum dice with glow in dark feature 28.03.2017 custom dice with alternative design
Lawless Empire 28.03.2017 custom dice addon
Infected 25.03.2017 game with custom dice
Beeeees 24.03.2017 game with custom dice
Halfsies Dice - The World Tour 22.03.2017 dice half and half
Halfsies Dice - World Tour 22.03.2017 dice half and half
Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire 20.03.2017 game with custom dice
Engraved Gemstone Dice: Amethyst, Opalite, and more! 19.03.2017 gemstone dice
ElemenZ - the Dice Game of battling Alien Shamans 18.03.2017 game with custom dice
The Terminator™: The Official Board Game 17.03.2017 custom dice addon
House Rules Cafe: Hudson, NY's First Board Game Cafe! 17.03.2017 custom dice addon
HOLLOW DICE 16.03.2017 leightweight metal dice
Modi Dice Quick Reference D6 13.03.2017 custom dice with modification values
Last Chip Standing: Devil's Luck - A Game of Dice & Chance 05.03.2017 custom dice addon
The Diminishing Knight Die 05.03.2017 custom dice
Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood 03.03.2017 custom dice (Robin Hood)
8BitBoards - Board Game and Retro Gaming Café 02.03.2017 custom dice
Mojie Dice 28.02.2017 custom dice
Beast Masters: The Dice Placement Game 28.02.2017 game with custom dice
D30 Super Heavy Solid Metal 30 face Dice For Tabletop Gaming 26.02.2017 metal d30 counter
Land of Zion ECG 24.02.2017 custom dice
Mageling 15.02.2017 game with custom dice
Hero: Aluminum dice inspired by super heroes :) 14.02.2017 metal dice in alternative design
Rose Gold Metal Dice Sets With Skull Case 09.02.2017 metal dice
D12 Trap Dice 09.02.2017 custom dice
D20 Prize Candles with Metal Dice Sets Inside! 08.02.2017 dice candles
Hexoroll Dice Redesigning the way you roll a dice 03.02.2017 metal dice in alternative design
Spyn: decision-making made fun! 03.02.2017 dice spinner
DoppelDice 03.02.2017 custom dice
SP6 Dice - Precision & Elegance 23.01.2017 dice with alternative pip
PlaySmart Dice 13.01.2017 alternative d12
Dice Coins 2: More art and custom options 10.01.2017 dice coins
Super Dice Set #1 05.01.2017 special dice
X-DICE: A Sharper Redesign Of The Classic Gamepiece 03.01.2017 dice in alternative design

List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

Kickstarter name date end description picture
RPG Dice Enamel Lapel Pins and Magnet Sets for Gamers 13.12.2017 dice pins
Monster Dice Boxes II 01.12.2017 dice storage
Fantasy Football Pro Stadium Scenery and Dice Towers 01.10.2017 dice tower and tray
The Light Fleet Dice Case 06.09.2017 dice storage
The Elven Chest: a Deck Box, Dice Box, or Fantasy Coin Chest 05.09.2017 dice storage
CRIT KIT - Dice Tray and Portable Dungeon 27.08.2017 dice tray
Sexy Dice Calendar 2018 23.08.2017 dice calendar
The Prism: A unique dice tower and rolling surface! 21.08.2017 dice towers
Surreal Dice Tower 19.08.2017 dice tower
Hardwood Dice Towers / Dice Storage & Rollers /D&D Coasters 14.06.2017 dice tower
Dice Base™: Quarter and Half Core Dice Vaults and Mini Cases 20.05.2017 dice storage
d20 Dice Ties 14.05.2017 dice ties
Character Crate 06.05.2017 dice storage
RPG Pathfinder/Dungeons&Dragons Hardwood Dice Boxes 30.04.2017 dice storage
Mini d20 Dice Earrings (10mm) - New Colors! 15.04.2017 dice earrings
Hardwood Storage Solutions / Deck Boxes / D&D / Board Games 01.04.2017 dice storage
Chain Mail Dice Cups by Queen Designs 30.03.2017 dice cups
Compact Solid Oak D&D Dice Box 20.03.2017 dice storage
Dice Base: Player Core Vault - Organizer - Rolling Surface 13.03.2017 dice storage
Critical Smells - D&D Inspired Candles with RPG Dice 12.03.2017 dice candles
Leather Dice Cups from CrowScratches 11.03.2017 dice cups
The Wyrmwood Magnetic Game Master Screen 23.02.2017 dice storage
The Dragon Tray 21.02.2017 dice trays
Dice Base: Master - RPG, Dungeon and Tabletop Screen 14.02.2017 dice storage

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