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Crowdfunding Projekte 2018

table of contents

  1. List of projects with dice
  2. List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

List of projects with dice

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Ancient Dragon Dice Set 28.12.2018 custom metal dice
The Vlogsmith - Hand Forged Dice! 22.12.2018 metal dice
Dicees | Play for real 20.12.2018 electronic dice
Dragon d20 Dice 17.12.2018 custom d20
A Dice Odyssey 14.12.2018 custom dice sets
Nuclear Dice 04.12.2018 custom dice set
TIMAZE: TTi-150 Titanium Dice 3.0 30.11.2018 titan dice
Painted Halloween Monster Dice in limited Edition 28.11.2018 monster dice
Pride Flag Polyhedral Dice for Tabletop Roleplaying Games 17.11.2018 rainbow dice sets
NERO 3.0 : Art of dice design & desk toy 15.11.2018 metal dice
Hells Minions - A Demonic Fantasy Football Team! 13.11.2018 custom dice addon
The Wyrmwood Dice Vault: Cthulhu Mythos Edition 01.11.2018 dice storage and custom dice
Gorgeous RPG Dice Sets for DnD and other roleplaying games 28.10.2018 dice sets
Divination Gaming Dice by DougOutCrafts 27.10.2018 custom dice set
SUITS DICE - modern technologies in metal 26.10.2018 metal dice
The Stonebound Saga: Visions of Telios 26.10.2018 custom dice addon
D.O.U.S. - Dice of Unusual Size - D21, D36, Pulse & Alphabet 26.10.2018 dice in alternative design
Mad Dice, Reduced Price (aka Mood Dice) 22.10.2018 color changing dice
Dragon Scales - Dual Drake Metal Gaming Dice - 14 Days Only 22.10.2018 custom metal dice
ANGELOLOGIE 18.10.2018 custom dice addon
Dice Bomb 17.10.2018 dice game
Reality Shard, Supernova, & Neutron RPG Dice Sets 10.10.2018 custom dice sets
Mad Dice (aka Mood Dice) 08.10.2018 color changing dice
Retro Dice: D-PAD D6 - Control your destiny! 05.10.2018 Retro dice
Diffusion™ Dice from Role 4 Initiative™ 05.10.2018 swirl dice
Dice Coins: 2018 2nd Release 29.09.2018 dice coins
BIG 20 27.09.2018 big d20
Oblit-O-Tron D6 Dice - Explore the Stars! 23.09.2018 custom dice (space)
Dice Adventures 22.09.2018 custom dice sets
Dragon Egg Gift Candles (w/ Metal D20s Inside!) 17.09.2018 metal d20 in candles
Q WORKSHOP Top Drawer Dice 13.09.2018 custom dice sets
Edge Elite: A new line of Elite Gaming Dice. 12.09.2018 metal dice sets
Unique Polyhedral RPG Dice Sets by Paladin Roleplaying 02.09.2018 dice sets
The Upstart Line - Polyhedral RPG Dice by Legendary Pants 01.09.2018 dice sets
Precision Milled Metal 60-Sided D20 and Full Set of RPG Dice 31.08.2018 metal dice sets
Birthday Gemstone Dice 31.08.2018 dice sets
Perfect Plastic: Dice Evolved 31.08.2018 dice sets
Dragon Dice - Swamp Stalkers (reprint) 15.08.2018 Dragon Dice
TERA DICE - Traditional Japanese Architectural Design Dice 14.08.2018 constructable spinner
HeartBeat Pride Dice 06.08.2018 rainbow dice sets
Infinity D4 02.08.2018 special d4
NERO Ellipsis Dice 31.07.2018 metal dice
MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation, an anthology 27.07.2018 custom d6
TIMAZE: D20 Dice 25.07.2018 metal d20
Fuck Yeah 20 Sided Dice (D20) 24.07.2018 custom d20
Painted Monster Dice in limited Edition are back! 23.07.2018 monster d6
Wreck Raiders 20.07.2018 custom d6
ISOMORPHIC DICE 14.07.2018 custom d6
EXCLUSIVE AMBER DICE SET 07.07.2018 amber d6
Ellipsis dice 04.07.2018 metal d6
Knot Dice Squared: More Celtic Knot Art, Puzzles, & Games 22.06.2018 dice with pattern
Galactical dice 13.06.2018 custom dice space topic
Camo Flag Dice by Riot Dice. The US fa flag on a dice set 05.06.2018 custom dice with flags
core::2050, The Future of 5e 02.06.2018 custom diceset level
IT "Issue" Dice 25.05.2018 custom it decision dice
Artifact Dice 15.05.2018 dice made of exotic materials
Aztec and Egyptian PLAYING CARDS 06.05.2018 custom dice
Skull Dice Set - Exclusive Case with 3D technologies 05.05.2018 skull dice in wooden box
Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Deluxe Edition) 01.05.2018 Chthulhu dice
NERO Dice : The Unique Harmonious Aluminum Dice 25.04.2018 metal dice
Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes - Cthulhu Mythos Themed Dice 13.04.2018 custom dice sets
C-EL DICE 04.04.2018 glow in the dark dice sets
Halfsies Bulk Dice - Appease the Fist! 20.03.2018 dice half and half
The 'Spirit Of' Dice Range Series 2 by Critit 20.03.2018 custom dice sets
DUNGEON DRESSING DICE Dice for Tabletop Storytelling 19.03.2018 dungeon dice
Alpha Dice Set by Dice Env 19.03.2018 custom d20
Bronze Dice 08.03.2018 bronze dice
Necronomicon Dice 05.03.2018 custom dice
Pip dice (CNC pattern) 20.02.2018 metal dice
DEMONOLOGIE Playing Cards 10.02.2018 custom dice
PolyHero Dice - Rogue Set 09.02.2018 custom dice
MINI Metal Polyhedral Dice Sets from Metallic Dice Games 04.02.2018 mini metal dice sets
Fantasy Dice - Perfect Collection for Board Gamers 13.01.2018 fantasy dice

List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

Kickstarter name date end description picture
2018 Special D20 Dice Cases for D&D Pathfinder or RPG gamer 31.10.2018 dice storage
The Nomad's Armory - A Dice Box and Tray for Adventurers 15.08.2018 dice storage
Dice Tube - All Weather 03.08.2018 dice storage
10mm Hand Carved & Engraved Gemstone 20 Sided Dice Earrings! 28.07.2018 dice jewellery
Dice Hoarder Enamel Pins 19.07.2018 dice pins
RPG DICE POTION BAG WITH FANTASY DICE POTION FLASK 08.07.2018 dice flash in leather bags
RPG Dice Set Bag - a great dice bag that you can assemble! 13.05.2018 dice bags
Player's Pride 02.05.2018 dice pins
Erasable D&D 5e Character Boards 30.04.2018 dice boxes
D20 Wooden Dice Carrying Cases / Perfect for D&D or any RPG 03.04.2018 dice boxes
RPG inspired enamel pins 30.03.2018 dice pins
Hex Chest Mini Dice Boxes and Pebble Dice 10.03.2018 dice boxes and mini dice sets

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