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Kraken Dice Fusion

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Fusion is a Kraken Dice dice series made of plastic. They have a 2 colored marble effect.
For the new releases, the d20's have an an octopus logo on the 20 side.

product overview

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
Berry SorbetKD0130pink and light blue blend with gold numbersnew: 06 2018
only 2000 sets made
BoogeymanKD0181teal and purple blend with gold numbersnew: 08 2018
discontinued: 08 2018
only 500 sets made
Cotton Candy 1KD0095light blue pink blend with gold ink
new: 01 2018
discontinued: 01 2018
only 400 sets made
Cotton Candy 2KD0149light blue pink blend with silver inknew: 07 2018
only 2000 sets made, returning 2019
Flamingo ParadiceKD0036pink and teal blend with gold numbersnew: 08 2017
1st run - 500 sets made, 2nd run - 700 sets made, returning 2019
Sea Salt Ice CreamKD0143teal white blend with gold inknew: 06 2018
1000 sets made


category: Kraken Dice