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HD Dice Opaque

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Opaque is a HD dice series of monochrome, non-transparent plastic.

product overview

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
BlackHDO-09black with white pips/numbers
BlueHDO-04blue with white pips/numbers
Blue JayHDO-16blue pastel with purple numbers
new: 11 2019
BrownHDO-07brown with white pips/numbers
Cerise GoldHDO-11pink pastel with gold numbers
new: 11 2019
Creamy IceHDO-12pink pastel with blue numbers
new: 11 2019
Egshell RobinHDO-14yellow pastel with blue numbers
new: 12 2019
Egshell RoseHDO-15yellow pastel with purple numbers
new: 11 2019
GreenHDO-03green with white pips/numbers
IvoryHDO-06ivory with black pips/numbers
Mint RoseHDO-13mint pastel with purple numbers
new: 11 2019
OrangeHDO-02orange with white pips/numbers
PurpleHDO-05purple with white pips/numbers
RedHDO-08red with white pips/numbers
WhiteHDO-01white with black pips/numbers
YellowHDO-10yellow with black pips/numbers


category: HD Dice