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different amber dice

more informations in the Wikipedia article amber

table of contents

  1. general
  2. pressed amber
  3. amber dice


Amber is basically a petrified resin.
It can occur in different colors. Mostly yellow, clear to opaque. But there are also ambers with white inclusions or green shimmer.
Best known is the origin of amber from the Baltic Sea region. However, there are different occurrences worldwide.

pressed amber with fly

pressed amber

blue amber


green amber

pressed amber

Press amber is not like some think, a plastic, but it consists of remnants of real amber.
Around 1870 this method was developed in Königsberg. Small pieces of waste are pressed together under pressure and heated to a new piece.
Bakelite later replaced the press amber because it was cheaper to manufacture.

amber dice

Of course you can also make dice from amber.
The price makes these dice more of a gem than a utility object.

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