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Bescon Gemini Swirled

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Gemini Swirled is a bescon plastic dice series with 2 swirled colors.

product overview

name product code description picture info
Aquamarine BCD 17316 green blue with white numbers
Christmas BCD 17320 red green with white numbers
Gemini Two Tone Swirled Green BCD17306-PD green light green with gold numbers
Icy Track BCD 17322 blue white with white numbers
Myosotis BCD 17319 pink blue with white numbers
Pink Blossom BCD 17323 pink white with white numbers
Saffron BCD 17321 yellow orange with white numbers
Steelblue BCD 17324 blue grey with white numbers
Sunglow BCD 17318 pink yellow with white numbers


category: Bescon