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Casino dice

casino die with serial number

table of contents

  1. General
  2. Texture and manufacturing
  3. Optics
  4. Security features
  5. Casino dice as a special collector's item
  6. literature
  7. Credits


Casino dice are used in the popular US Craps game.

Texture and manufacturing

A white copy
What, in contrast to other dice, directly noticeable are the sharp edges.
Since the dice is used in casinos in the game of chance, it is particularly necessary to manufacture the dice precisely.
n contrast to normal plastic dice they are not produced with an injection molding machine but milled.
The eyes are also milled out. So that the eyes do not influence the weight of the individual sides, they are filled with a plastic in a different color.
Then the dice is milled again.
The material is cellulose acetate.
Previously, the dice were made of cellulose nitrate. Unfortunately, this material is not stable. So it can happen that after decades the dice suddenly outgas and become crystalline. The death of the dice!


The logo or text is stamped with a "hot stamp" machine.
It is pressed by means of a metal stamp, which is heated, a metallic foil.

balancing caliper


To test the balance of the cube there are special gauges. "Balancing Caliper"
Video with explanation about such a device


The casino dice are available in all imaginable colors and sizes.
Typical is red. But often also green, blue, purple and yellow are used.
Each in transparent or matt (sandblasted).


see alsoPip styles

At pips there are different kinds on the casino cubes.
e.g .:

Casino dice with UV dot (right)

Key letter spot inside (M)

Security features

In order to prevent the fraud in the casino different security features can be integrated into Casinocube:

Casino dice as a special collector's item

Almost every casino has its own dice. A text or a logo are applied.
Since it offers to collect casino dice.
Collected is usually in pairs, with the same serial number.
Especially old dice (vintage) are more valuable.
Multi-colored dice increase the value.

Value and prices

In general, the older and better preserved, the more valuable the dice is.
There are some features to determine the approximate value:



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