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Chessex Marble

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Marble is a Chessex dice series made of different colored plastic.
The pattern is swirl with transparent and glitter parts.

product overview

name product code description picture info
Green with Dark Green CHX 27409 green, gold, white with green pips/numbers new: 2014
Ivory with Black CHX 27402 white, gold with black pips/numbers new: 2004
Oxi-Copper CHX TPY45 green, copper swirl with white pips/numbers new: 08 2018
discontinued: 08 2018
new on GenCon 2018, released in Menagerie #10
Oxi-Copper with white CHX 27403 green, copper swirl with white pips/numbers new: 04 2019


category: Chessex