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Chessex oop list

table of contents

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Fast jedes Jahr wird Würfel abgekündigt. Die Gründe dafür sind ziemlich zu wenig Verkäufe.
oop means: out of print.

Overview 2022

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
Smoke with SilverCHX 27428smoke with silver pips/numbers
new: 2001
discontinued: 03 2022
Vibrant with BrownCHX 27441Blue, green, orange, white with brown pips/numbers
new: 2014
discontinued: 07 2022
Gold Green with WhiteCHX 26425gold and green with white pips/numbers
new: 03 2006
discontinued: 07 2022
Teal White with BlackCHX 26444teal and white with black pips/numbers
new: 2009
discontinued: 07 2022
Astral Blue White with RedCHX 26457blue glitter and white with red pips/numbers
new: 2015
discontinued: 07 2022
Black Gold with SilverCHX 27418black gold with silver pips/numbers
new: 2004
discontinued: 07 2022
Black with GoldCHX 27498black grey with gold pips/numbers
new: 2005
discontinued: 05 2022
Slate with WhiteCHX 27490blue grey with white pips/numbers
new: 2010
discontinued: 07 2022


category: Chessex