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List of projects with dice

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Elite Metal Dice of the Elvenkind - 7 and 11 Piece Sets 22.04.2020 custom metal dice sets
DnD Dice: Unown themed dice set 18.04.2020 custom dice set
Keyfish Crit - Goldfish Polyhedral Dice Sets 15.04.2020 custom dice sets
Wrymling Dice by Dragon Wing Metal 09.04.2020 mini metal dice sets
Back Alley Dice Set 05.04.2020 custom dice set
Norse Foundry: Dice of Crits Metal Crits One Roll at a Time! 04.04.2020 custom metal d20
SkullSplitter Dice 2020 Celebration Collection 29.03.2020 custom dice sets
Make 100: Handmade Dice 28.03.2020 custom handmade dice
Mystic Cat Dice 26.03.2020 custom cat d12
Die of the Beholder 26.03.2020 custom dice set with miniature inside
Polyhedral Music Dice 25.03.2020 custom musical dice set
Overkill Custom Dice 19.03.2020 custom d20
Damascus & Brass Dice( Personalize your dice ) 14.03.2020 custom metal d6
Chromatic Dragon: Metal Dice 14.03.2020 custom metal dice
Dragon Dice - Amazons (reprint) 13.03.2020 Dragon Dice collectable dice
The vintage bone dice designed for the next generation 11.03.2020 custom metal d6
Make 100: «Mystic Moss» handmade D&D moss dice 09.03.2020 custom handmade dice
'Spirit Of' the Arctic Dice Range 02.03.2020 custom dice sets
Aztec gods 24.02.2020 costom metal dice sets
Leviathan Dice 21.02.2020 custom dice sets
Make 100: Donkey Dice 19.02.2020 stone d6
Dice For All: Metal Pride Flag Dice and More! 19.02.2020 custom metal dice sets
Dragon Scale Dice - Metal Dice Sets for Tabletop RPG Gaming 13.02.2020 custom metal dice sets
Progressive Pentacle Dice 12.02.2020 custom d6
Pure Wood Family Banner Dice 09.02.2020 custom wooden dice
Urban Dice 09.02.2020 custom dice sets
Neon Knights - Dice That Glow 01.02.2020 custom d20
Floral Fantasy RPG Dice Sets 26.01.2020 custom dice sets
Dragon Themed Polyhedral RPG Dice Set 13.01.2020 custom dice sets
Solid Brass Rainbow Serpentine Dice by Polyhydra 10.01.2020 custom metal dice

past years

List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

Kickstarter name date end description picture

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