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List of projects with dice

Kickstarter name date end description picture
Roll4ItDice Pride Dice - Our First Expansion 26.09.2021 custom dice sets
Fallen Fang RPG Dice Sets / Not a Mimic Dice 14.09.2021 custom dice sets
Dragon Eye Dice - The Chromatic Dragon Collection 02.09.2021 custom dice sets
Dicebound Volume 2: Sharp Edge & Classic RPG Dice 01.09.2021 custom dice sets
The Explorer's Collection: by Homebrew Dice 28.08.2021 custom dice sets
The Pioneer Dice, The World’s First Mars Themed Dice 26.08.2021 custom metal dice sets (space theme)
Starfarer Sci-Fi Dice - Polyhedral RPG, D6 and D10 sets 20.08.2021 custom dice sets (space theme)
Dragon Polyhedral Sets 15.08.2021 custom dice sets
Dragon Tears Dice : D20 13.08.2021 custom metal d20
Element Dice 4: 10 NEW Elements & Full Wall Display 10.08.2021 custom metal d6
The Gunslinger D6 a solid brass d6 dice 08.08.2021 custom metal d6
HARE - The Halloween Evil Bunny Metal Dice 08.08.2021 custom metal d6 (halloween theme)
Bear Bear Jumbo Dice 06.08.2021 custom d6
dLUX FIN Dice 03.08.2021 custom wooden dice
Deadly Skull Dice & Sunken Skull Resin Dice 29.07.2021 custom dice sets
Fully Customizable Roleplay Dice 29.07.2021 custom wooden dice
PRIMUS Sharp Edge Dice 20.07.2021 custom dice sets
Retro Dice - Gen. 2 15.07.2021 custom dice sets
Rolling Viruses a dice set 15.07.2021 custom dice sets
Divine Sharp Edge Dice by Critit 14.07.2021 custom dice sets
DnD Dice Puzzles for TTRPGs: TinHedrals 06.07.2021 foldable dice sets
Uncle Lucky's Discount Dice 14.06.2021 custom dice sets
Rolling Maze—a metal dice set for RPG with the conception of 21.05.2021 custom metal dice sets
NEW VTB DICE (2nd Edition) – The Vintage Bone Dice comeback 20.05.2021 custom metal d6
The Witcher Hybrid Dice 19.05.2021 custom dice sets
Fortress Dice - Unique Metal Dice for RPGs and Board Games 11.05.2021 custom metal dice sets
Heavy Metal Dice Collection from Epic Dice Designs 08.05.2021 custom metal dice sets
The SGL Standard Seven 27.04.2021 custom metal dice sets
LibrisArcana.com April 2021 Exclusive Fire and Ice Dice 26.04.2021 custom dice sets
Wine Dice 09.04.2021 custom dice sets
Pixels - The Electronic Dice 08.04.2021 LED dice
Choose your Class Dice 31.03.2021 custom dice sets
Xinobi Dice - Ninja throwing stars- Cast metal dice for RPGs 25.03.2021 custom metal dice sets
Gabrisaur Dice - Dice, Sparkles, Dinosaurs 23.03.2021 custom dice sets
Demi-Lich Dice: Hollow Metal RPG Dice Sets 18.03.2021 custom metal dice sets
Roll4ItDice Pride Dice 17.03.2021 custom dice sets
Handcrafted Zircon Glass Legendary Creature Dice 15.03.2021 custom glass dice sets
Goblin Forged: Custom Metal Dice 11.03.2021 custom metal dice sets
Element Dice 3: Tungsten, Titanium, Magnesium, Nickel, Bi 11.03.2021 custom metal d6
Metal Heart Unicorn Dice with Rainbows and Dreamy Clouds 11.03.2021 custom metal dice sets
Legendary Light - Resin Dice with Sharp Edges 05.03.2021 custom dice sets
LibrisArcana.com February 2021 Exclusive Dice 01.03.2021 custom dice sets
Sea Glass Dice - Frosted Glass Dice Sets for RPG Gaming 25.02.2021 custom glass dice sets
Handcrafted Ancient Myth TRPG Dice Collection By InfiniDice 23.02.2021 custom metal dice sets
MAJIK DICE 21.02.2021 custom dice
Make 100: Lucky Dice - Adventure in Japan 19.02.2021 custom dice sets
KLEC – Polyhedral Metal Dice Set - Inspired by a Caged Jail 09.02.2021 custom metal dice sets
PolyHero Dice - Cleric, Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue 04.02.2021 custom dice sets
AKO DICE III : DRAGON STONE 04.02.2021 custom metal d6
Dragon Scale RPG Metal Dice Set 28.01.2021 custom metal dice sets
Fruit Dice 02.01.2021 custom dice sets

past years

List of projects with dice accesoirs and items

Kickstarter name date end description picture

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