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HD Dice Pearl Swirl

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Pearl Swirl is a transparent plastic HD dice series with two-tone swirl that has a pearl effect.

product overview

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
Blue YellowHDS-11translucent yellow blue with gold numbers
Blue/PurpleHDS-08translucent blue purple with gold numbers
Blue/PurpleHDS-12translucent blue purple with silver numbers
new: 07 2019
Clematis EddaHDS-13translucent red purple with gold numbers
new: 08 2019
Green/BlueHDS-03translucent green blue with white numbers
Green/Red/BlueHDS-07translucent green yellow blue with gold numbers
Lush SunriseHDS-06translucent rose yellow green with gold numbers
old name: Rose red/Yellow/Green
Morning GloryHDS-15translucent purple blue swirl with gold numbers
new: 08 2019
Orange/RedHDS-10translucent orange red with white numbers
Purple/OrangeHDS-09translucent purple orange with white numbers
Rose Red/GreenHDS-01translucent rose green with gold numbers
Transparent BlendHDS-04translucent pink orange with white numbers
Wizard's HatHDS-14translucent green with purple pearl and gold numbers
new: 08 2019
Yellow/PurpleHDS-02translucent yellow purple with gold numbers


category: HD Dice