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Kraken Dice Signature

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Signature is a Kraken Dice dice series made of plastic. They have a pearl effect and a Kraken logo instead of the 20.

product overview

name product code description picture info
Aqua with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Aqua teal pearl with gold numbers
Aqua with Purple KS-Prpl-Ink-Aqua teal pearl with purple numbers
Aqua with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Aqua teal pearl with silver numbers
Black with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Black black pearl with gold numbers
Black with Green Ks-Green-Ink-Black black pearl with green numbers
Black with Pink KS-Pink-Ink-Black black pearl with pink numbers
Black with Red KS-Red-Ink-Black black pearl with red numbers
Black with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Black black pearl with silver numbers
Light Aqua with Dark Blue KS-DBlu-Ink-Light-Aqua light blue pearl with dark blue numbers
Light Aqua with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Light-Aqua light blue pearl with gold numbers
Light Aqua with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Light-Aqua light blue pearl with silver numbers
Pastel Pink with Pink KS-Pink-Ink-Pastel-Pink rose pearl with pink numbers
Periwinkle with Purple KS-Prpl-Ink-Periwinkle lilac pearl with purple numbers
Periwinkle with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Periwinkle lilac pearl with silver numbers
Pink with Black KS-Blk-Ink-Pop Pink pink pearl with black numbers
Pink with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Pop Pink pink pearl with gold numbers
Purple with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Purple purple pearl with gold numbers
Purple with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Purple purple pearl with silver numbers
Purple with Teal KS-Teal-Ink-Purple purple pearl with teal numbers
Spring Green with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Green light green pearl with gold numbers
Spring Green with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Green light green pearl with silver numbers
Tyrian with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-Tyrian light purple pearl with gold numbers
Tyrian with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-Tyrian light purple pearl with silver numbers
White with Gold KS-Gold-Ink-White white pearl with gold numbers
White with Pink KS-Pink-Ink-White white pearl with pink numbers
White with Red KS-Red-Ink-White white pearl with red numbers
White with Silver KS-Silv-Ink-White white pearl with silver numbers
White with Teal KS-Teal-Ink-White white pearl with teal numbers


category: Kraken Dice