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Crown and anchor

table of contents

  1. General
  2. Way of Playing
  3. Similar game versions
  4. credits

Old crown and anchor bone die

Old playing field made of cloth


The game "Crown and Anchor" was a traditional game of the Royal Navy.
In the surrounding countries England, Belgium, Holland and Flemish France, it was also very popular with sailors.

Way of Playing

The game requires 3 dice and a game board. On each of them are the symbols of the 4 playing cards as well as a black anchor and a red crown.
The field is similar to roulette used for wagering. It can also be designed as a cloth.
Each player places his bet on the fields. A throw then decides on profit or loss.
If the dice show one or more symbols, it is a win.
more informations in Wikipedia article: Chuck-a-luck

Similar game versions

In other cultures, the game also occurs in a modified form:


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