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Lindorm Dice

Lindorm Dice logo

table of contents

  1. company info
  2. product overview
  3. Resale
  4. Other infos
  5. Credits

company info

Owner: Karolina Petrusson, Alexander Gesse
Homepage: www.lindormdice.com

Lindorm Dice are based in south of Sweden with focus on both retailing and original dice designs.
The company was founded April 2019.
The name Lindorm Dice is based on the Norse mythological creature Lindorm, and was chosen by a poll on facebook.

product overview

Resale dice

Some products are no original design. This is declared in product details or name, in the shop.
Following brands are available in the shop:

Other infos

Kickstarter overview
Kickstarter name date end description picture
Norse mythology dice - by Lindorm Dice 09.09.2019 custom dice sets


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