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Q-Workshop Pathfinder

Pathfinder logo

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Pathfinder is a Q-Workshop series with ornaments.
The dice are made for the rpg Pathfinder.

more informations: Pathfinder Homepage

product overview

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
Age of AshesSPAS2Yred with orange numbers
new: 12 2019
Carrion CrownSPAT37black with silver numbers
Council of ThievesSPAT65beige with black numbers
Curse of the Crimson ThroneSPAT23red with yellow numbers
Extinction Curse Entertainer's Dice SetSPAS3Ared/blue opaque with yellow ornaments and yellow numbers
new: 04 2020
red blue mixed set
Extinction Curse Performer's Dice SetSPAS3Bblue/red opaque with yellow ornaments and yellow numbers
new: 04 2020
blue red mixed set
GiantslayerSPAT73brown with yellow numbers
new: 10 2015
Goblin Green & purpleSPAT76green with purple numbers
new: 09 2016
Goblin Purple & greenSPAT76purple with green numbers
new: 09 2016
Hell's RebelsSPAT82blue with silver numbers
new: 05 2017
Hell's VengeanceSPAT69black with orange numbers
new: 05 2017
Iron GodsSPAT67black with teal numbers
new: 05 2015
Ironfang InvasionSPAT87beige with redbrown numbers
new: 11 2017
Jade RegentSPAT44green with gold numbers
new: 03 2016
KingmakerSPAT34green with silver numbers
Legacy of FireSPAT31yellow with red numbers
Mummy's MaskSPAT71beige with blue numbers
new: 06 2015
Pathfinder Second EditionSPAS87beige with redbrown numbers
new: 08 2019
PlaytestSPAT96beige with green numbers
new: 08 2018
Playtest Dice Set Beige & burgundySPAT1Mbeige with redbrown numbers
new: 08 2018
Limited Edition
Reign of WinterSPAT28white with blue numbers
new: 04 2015
Return of the RunelordsSPAT1Kwhite with brown numbers
new: 08 2018
Rise of RunelordsSPAT18beige with black numbers
Ruins of AzlantSPAT89light blue with orange numbers
new: 08 2017
Second DarknessSPAT24dark blue with silver numbers
Serpent's SkullSPAT36yellow with green numbers
Shattered StarSPAT02white with black numbers
Skull & ShacklesSPAT43yellow with brown numbers
Strange AeonsSPAT30green with yellow numbers
new: 02 2018
Tyrant's GraspSPAT2Kolive white swirl with black numbers
new: 06 2019
War for the CrownSPAT92dark blue with gold numbers
new: 04 2018
Wrath of the RighteousSPAT06black with red numbers
new: 04 2015
Golden Metal Pathfindergold with black numbers
made of metal
Metal PathfinderSMPA35silver with black numbers
new: 09 2016
made of metal


category: Q-Workshop