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Q-Workshop Pathfinder

Pathfinder logo

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Pathfinder is a Q-Workshop series with ornaments.
The dice are made for the rpg Pathfinder.

more informations: Pathfinder Homepage

product overview

name product code description picture info
Age of Ashes SPAS2Y red with orange numbers new: 12 2019
Carrion Crown SPAT37 black with silver numbers
Council of Thieves SPAT65 beige with black numbers
Curse of the Crimson Throne SPAT23 red with yellow numbers
Giantslayer SPAT73 brown with yellow numbers new: 10 2015
Goblin Green & purple SPAT76 green with purple numbers new: 09 2016
Goblin Purple & green SPAT76 purple with green numbers new: 09 2016
Golden Metal Pathfinder gold with black numbers made of metal
Hell's Rebels SPAT82 blue with silver numbers new: 05 2017
Hell's Vengeance SPAT69 black with orange numbers new: 05 2017
Iron Gods SPAT67 black with teal numbers new: 05 2015
Ironfang Invasion SPAT87 beige with redbrown numbers new: 11 2017
Jade Regent SPAT44 green with gold numbers new: 03 2016
Kingmaker SPAT34 green with silver numbers
Legacy of Fire SPAT31 yellow with red numbers
Metal Pathfinder SMPA35 silver with black numbers new: 09 2016
made of metal
Mummy's Mask SPAT71 beige with blue numbers new: 06 2015
Pathfinder Second Edition SPAS87 beige with redbrown numbers new: 08 2019
Playtest SPAT96 beige with green numbers new: 08 2018
Playtest Dice Set Beige & burgundy SPAT1M beige with redbrown numbers new: 08 2018
Limited Edition
Reign of Winter SPAT28 white with blue numbers new: 04 2015
Return of the Runelords SPAT1K white with brown numbers new: 08 2018
Rise of Runelords SPAT18 beige with black numbers
Ruins of Azlant SPAT89 light blue with orange numbers new: 08 2017
Second Darkness SPAT24 dark blue with silver numbers
Serpent's Skull SPAT36 yellow with green numbers
Shattered Star SPAT02 white with black numbers
Skull & Shackles SPAT43 yellow with brown numbers
Strange Aeons SPAT30 green with yellow numbers new: 02 2018
War for the Crown SPAT92 dark blue with gold numbers new: 04 2018
Wrath of the Righteous SPAT06 black with red numbers new: 04 2015


category: Q-Workshop