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Q-Workshop Starfinder

Starfinder logo

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Starfinder is a Q-Workshop series with ornaments. They are Sci-Fi themed.
The dice are made for the rpg Starfinder.

more informations: Starfinder Homepage

product overview

nameproduct codedescriptionpictureinfo
Against the Aeon ThroneSTAR1Hgrey pearl with light green numbers
new: 09 2018
Attack of the SwarmSTAR2Cblue pearl with black numbers
new: 04 2020
limited edition
Attack of the SwarmSTAR3Dblue pearl with beige numbers
new: 04 2020
Dawn of FlameSTAR2Hred pearl with yellow numbers
new: 05 2019
Dead SunsSTAR90blue with orange numbers
new: 10 2017
Devastation ArkSTAR1Bpurple pearl with white numbers
new: 03 2021
Signal of ScreamsSTAR85blue pearl with white numbers
new: 05 2019
StarfinderSTAR67black with teal numbers
new: 05 2019
Starfinder (limited edition)STAR67_LEblack with white numbers
new: 08 2019
Limited Edition (Free RPG Day)
Threefold ConspiracySTAR3Cgrey opaque with yellow ornaments and yellow numbers
new: 06 2020


category: Q-Workshop